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"Detienen a "El 20 líder de La Línea". Archived from the original on Retrieved b Corchado, Alfredo (4 February 2010). Retrieved b c Ellingwood, Ken. 61 NPR reports indicated that several people in Ciudad Juárez, including but not limited to local journalists and former policemen, perceived that the Mexican government allegedly favored the Sinaloa cartel in their battle against the Juárez cartel. MVS Comunicaciones (in Spanish). Consulate Murders and Is Sentenced to Life in Prison". 32 Unlike the government-licensed clinics, the private centers are not associated with the penal system and have limited security measures, leaving the victims vulnerable to attacks by gangs seeking revenge or the elimination of a potential police informant. Retrieved b Malkin, Elisabeth (2 February 2010). "Experts: Car bomb in Juárez mimics Middle East terrorist tactics".

Latin American Herald Tribune. 58 La Línea and the Juárez Cartel were damaged by the arrest of José Antonio Acosta Hernández (a.k.a. 21 He confessed to the authorities that the Juárez Cartel had received reports from within the organization that members of a rival drug trafficking organization were at the party the night the teenagers were killed. 33 The drug cartels have also created and managed pseudo-clinics, and once their patients are off drugs, they give them two choices: to work as a drug trafficker or get killed. "Ciudad Juárez: Mexico's nameless dead". A cameraman who was near the scene was gravely injured but manage to film the explosion aftermath. "13 Are Killed as Gunmen Storm House in Mexico".

Retrieved "El Brad Pitt arrested in Mexico drug swoop". Judge sentences Mexican drug gang leader to life in prison for killings". 41 Nonetheless, even with multiple car bombs, the Mexican drug cartels have not shifted their focus to targeting civilians rather than security forces, and thus the " narcoterrorism " label is unclear. 60 Nonetheless, experts told El Paso Times that part of the reason why the violence in Ciudad Juárez toned down is because the Sinaloa cartel has consolidated its dominance over the now-weakened Juárez cartel. Retrieved b Hernandez Navarro, Luis (9 November 2010). 24 Despite the arrests, many of the family members were unhappy with the efforts of the Mexican government and said that they were planning to abandon Mexico and seek safe haven in Texas to protect their children. Retrieved b Malkin, Elizabeth.

El Economista (in Spanish). 33 The cartels usually "dispose" of their young addicts by killing them, since the criminal organizations quickly recruit young men and prefer to minimize their risk by eliminating the others. Retrieved b c d Corchado, Alfredo (1 February 2010). 57 On the other hand, Sinaloa cartel formed an alliance with the Gulf Cartel, the former employers of Los Zetas, and with the now-extinct La Familia Michoacana, forming the so-called "New Federation." 57 During that time, Los Zetas already had. "El Chapo Guzman winning Juarez drug war,.S. 60 Their relationship with the Barrio Azteca gang has also been affected by the cartel's decline. "Mexico blames drug cartel for deadly car bomb". El Universal (in Spanish). Retrieved b c d Flores, Aileen.

44 49 This attack came just a week before several gunmen stormed two houses, killing 7 at a party and 2 at a nearby house. "Mexico Army: Border City Killings Plunge This Year". Contents, history edit, see also: Mexican Drug War, villas de Salvárcar massacre edit, gunmen burst into a party in a small working-class neighborhood known as Villas de Salvárcar. 56 Alliance with Los Zetas edit Through graffiti signs in the state of Chihuahua on June 2011, La Linea announced that it had formed an alliance with Los Zetas, a criminal group originally formed by ex-commandos of the Mexican. Retrieved b c d "Mexican army says killings in border city of Ciudad Juarez down 42 percent". 14 They gave no official statement for the motives behind the killing, but the massacre bore all the signs of the drug violence that Ciudad Juárez was living for the past three years. 37 The attack sent "shock waves" across Mexico and raised concerns in the United States, and represented what the authorities considered a "new dimension of terror" and a clear escalation in the weapons and tactics deployed by Mexico's drug trafficking organizations. Retrieved "Cae otro líder de La Línea en Chihuahua; fue policía estatal". "Mexican cartels rely more on explosives in drug war". "More than a dozen die in Juárez massacre".


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"Mexico arrests suspect in Ciudad Juarez shooting attack on party". Retrieved Washington Valdez, Diana (2 February 2010). "Zetas-La Linea Alliance May Alter Balance of Power in Mexico". "19 killed in attack on Mexico drug clinic". Retrieved "Mexico: 13 dead in massacre at Ciudad Juarez party". 26 In addition, the cartels frequently target unlicensed rehabilitation centers, since they are likely to accept active gang members seeking to free themselves from an addiction. 11 Some of the teenagers were shot as they tried to flee and their corpses were found in the neighboring houses. 21 The suspect said he acted as a lookout for the 24 gunmen that perpetrated the killing and had orders to "kill everyone inside." 21 By mid-2011, four men linked to the massacre were found guilty of the.

"Capturan a 'El Diego responsable de mil 500 muertes en Ciudad Juárez". 28 The Mexican authorities found more than 200 bullet casings from different kinds of firearms at the scene. Ciudad Juárez as the enforcement wing of the Juárez cartel. Retrieved Malkin, Elizabeth (28 November 2010). "Mexico cartel kills four in car bombing". "Chihuahua: ejecutan a 19 en un centro de rehabilitación". 63 With limited options, the Juárez cartel has been forced to reorganize its forces and opt for extortions and kidnappings, while Gente Nueva the Sinaloa cartel's armed wing receives funding from other states. "Ciudad Juarez car bomb shows new sophistication in Mexican drug cartels' tactics". 37 The injured man, who was not a police officer, and an innocent civilian, were also killed.

La Línea The Line is an enforcer unit of the. Terra Networks (in Spanish). Archived from the original on Retrieved "Mayor believes massacre at Juarez party that killed 16 was random". The Dallas Morning News. 11 The Mexican authorities issued a reward of 1 million pesos for anyone who could provide information that led to the arrest of the killers. "Mexican Drug Gang Leader Confesses to Killings". 17 The mayor of Ciudad Juárez said that the massacre was a random act of violence by Mexico's drug gangs because the victims had no apparent ties with organized crime. 52 In the written banners, the NJC threaten the police chief of the city, Julián Leyzaola, calling him a criminal with a police badge.

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Retrieved b Mosso, Rubén. "Mexico Gang's Car Bomb: Terror, but not Terrorism". 56 Hence, the prostitutas en cadiz prostitutas de burdeles impact of the NJC depends on whether they can reconstitute a force capable of fighting the Sinaloa cartel for a lengthy time, but thus far, the NJC does not pose as a direct threat to the. "Mexican police probe Juarez car bomb possibly intended for authorities". 52 In response to the death threats of the NJC, the mayor of Ciudad Juarez allowed off-duty policemen to carry their weapons, given that most of the local policemen killed in the city were targeted at home.